Novichok poisoning: Nerve agent found in perfume bottle, says victim’s brother


Hollywood Dreamland: Recommended Reading: The Citadel Film Series

Poseidon’s Underworld: Jackie, Ohhhh…

What’s So HOT about Born to Kill? [SEX! Blogathon]

B Noir Detour

If I had to describe 1947’s noir thriller Born to Kill in a single sentence, it’d probably be “Sociopath meets psychopath and sparks fly.”


The plot is typical noir. [SPOILER] Claire Trevor’s recent divorcee Helen is determined to marry a nice rich guy to have the wealth and security she craves. Laurence Tierney’s Sam has desires that are equally gender, class, and era stereotyped: he wants power and respect, on his terms. When he fears his girlfriend is cheating on him, he kills her and the guy he mistakes for her lover. Helen comes upon the scene on her way out of Reno and opts to keep her life simple by not telling anyone what she saw, even though she knows the victims. Killer and witness then meet on the train out of town, and there’s instant attraction. Helen is drawn to Sam’s working-class bad boy dominance, and Sam is lured by…

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Road House (1948)

Mike's Take On the Movies .......... Rediscovering Cinema's Past


“One thrill at a time.”

So says Richard Widmark after telling Ida Lupino he has a marriage license in their names sending the plot spiraling into dangerous territory.

20th Century Fox put director Jean Negulesco to work for this noir tinged Zanuck production. Cornel Wilde and Richard Widmark own and operate Jefty’s roadhouse in an off the beaten track small town. Into their lives comes Ida Lupino as a bar room entertainer who sings and plays tough when need be. Widmark quickly sets his cap for Ida. Problem is that she’s not all that taken with him. From the outset Wilde and Lupino are like fire and water. They don’t seem to get along and seem uncomfortable in each others presence. A good script can cure that problem and before we know it they become a couple and Widmark’s straying into Kiss of Death’s Tommy Udo territory as jealousy overtakes…

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Movie Challenge …. Shockproof (1949)

Mike's Take On the Movies .......... Rediscovering Cinema's Past

I had noticed this film was listed in the TCM guide for January 2016 and had every intention of making an attempt to watch it. That notion was cast in cement when Kristina of Speakeasy issued it to me as a challenge. Once again for the uninitiated, it’s when Kristina and myself challenge each other to finally watch a film that the other has yet to see.


From director Douglas Sirk by way of a Samuel Fuller script we have a tale of deceit and Noir overtones starring Cornel Wilde and Patricia Knight. Wilde is the parole officer and Knight is his blonde haired bombshell assignment. Can you see where this is headed?


Knight wants nothing more than to resume her dead end love affair with low life John Baragrey. Baragrey must have been cast here when Zachary Scott wasn’t available as his role has Scott’s type written boldly across…

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