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What to do in Panama City, the city of contrasts?


We’ve spent some time in Panama City. And this town is not just about the famous Panama Canal. We will show you the best Panama City travel tips:-)

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, the historic part of the Panama City, has typical narrow aisles, colorful buildings, fancy cafés and many souvenir shops. You can visit some of the most stunning bars in the city.




Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the world’s seven technological wonders. You can take taxi, or bus directly to Miraflores Lock, where is a museum and a great view of ships moving across the Panama Canal. But…You have to prepare for tourists. Best to visit Panama Canal is early in the morning.


Taboga Island

Taboga Island, also known as the Island of Flowers, is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama. It’s about 30 minutes by boat from Panama City. You can buy tickets…

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Beyond tourist trap of Panama City: visit one of the poorest neighborhoods


We´ve spent some time in Panama City. Nice place.. With many hotels, restaurants, skyscrapers, attractions and tourists of course:-) But, definitely, this town is not only about the famous Panama Canal. You can find soul and real life there, but you need to go on places, where you do not find tourists, just real people and real life.. They don´t have money, but they have heart and smile:-) Welcome in El Chorrillo!


One of the poorest areas in Panama

El Chorrillo was founded in 1915, when immigrants started settling down to work on the construction of the Panama Canal. The US Americans were living in a strictly separated zone, where locals were not allowed to go until the 1990. During the US Invasion in Panama, from Dec. 1989 to Jan. 1990, numerous people got killed and El Chorrillo was where most of the civilian casualties occurred. The poor neighborhood El…

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