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What’s So HOT about Born to Kill? [SEX! Blogathon]

B Noir Detour

If I had to describe 1947’s noir thriller Born to Kill in a single sentence, it’d probably be “Sociopath meets psychopath and sparks fly.”


The plot is typical noir. [SPOILER] Claire Trevor’s recent divorcee Helen is determined to marry a nice rich guy to have the wealth and security she craves. Laurence Tierney’s Sam has desires that are equally gender, class, and era stereotyped: he wants power and respect, on his terms. When he fears his girlfriend is cheating on him, he kills her and the guy he mistakes for her lover. Helen comes upon the scene on her way out of Reno and opts to keep her life simple by not telling anyone what she saw, even though she knows the victims. Killer and witness then meet on the train out of town, and there’s instant attraction. Helen is drawn to Sam’s working-class bad boy dominance, and Sam is lured by…

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